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Criminal Defense

Accused or investigated for involvement in criminal activity can severely disturb one's life. With legal representation from an experienced Washington, DC criminal defense lawyer, preserve your rights and freedom. Criminal defense attorney Kristin McGough- committed to providing superior legal services to all.

Civil Litigation

It is not unique for individuals or businesses to find themselves involved in a legal dispute. Disputes of this nature, typically fall under what is known as civil litigation. I'm very versed in this matters and can help.

Civil Protection Orders

Attorney Kristin McGough aggressively represents all clients either filing petitions for or defending against, a Civil Protection Order. It really matters that you hire and consult with an experienced and skilled Washington, DC Civil Protection Order Attorney.

Landlord/Tenant Litigation

Attorney Kristin McGough provides the best possible legal representation to all her clients. She understands how to help clients who are dealing with difficult legal problems.

Fighting for Your Future, Every Step of the Way

More than 50 years ago, the Supreme Court, in Gideon v. Wainwright, unanimously ruled that all individuals accused of criminal offenses have the right to counsel, regardless of their financial status.

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